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Adopt Reasonable Processing Technology of Chair Mould


The position and function of each part in the Chair Mou […]

The position and function of each part in the Chair Mould are also different, and the performance requirements of materials are also different. Reasonable selection of chair mould material is an important factor to produce high-quality products, improve efficiency and reduce injection cost.

Understanding the working environment of chair mould in detail, these environmental conditions are particularly critical to the selection of raw materials for plastic parts. It is necessary to first understand the temperature difference that plastic parts will undergo, whether the working place is indoor or outdoor, what force will be exerted during working, what medium will affect the work, voltage, frequency and temperature in the electrical environment, etc. Then, according to the environmental factors that the plastic parts may encounter, find the materials that meet the environmental conditions.

Before production, it is a basic method to save cost to select a chair mould with reasonable design. Different mould design structures have different requirements for product materials, which naturally have good and bad. Good mould have high yield, less waste and lower natural production cost.

The quality and quantity of raw materials needed are different by adopting reasonable processing technology for the same products and different production and processing technologies. According to the characteristic requirements of products, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be saved by improving the processing technology.