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Analysis of Key Technologies in Air Cooler Mould Making Process


1. Accuracy of module heat export The Air Cooler Mould […]

1. Accuracy of module heat export

The Air Cooler Mould is a heat exchanger. Most of the energy (heat) obtained by the plastic in the injection machine to melt and be suitable for injection must be dissipated before the mould is opened to eject the plastic product, and the plastic product must be hardened to meet the ejection requirements. The cooling time of products generally accounts for 70% to 80% of the whole moulding cycle. Therefore, the key to a good mould is the quality and efficiency of the cooling settings in its modules and templates, which is actually the amount of heat it can export per second, and cannot be made too complicated and expensive.

2. Good performance of mould filling and exhaust

The discharge of air from the mould cavity during mould filling is accompanied by the appearance of casting moulding, and the importance of exhaust has been recognized. For the air cooler mould designer, sufficient exhaust gas will be taken into account from the beginning. The poor exhaust gas will cause scorching or burning of plastic, plastic cannot completely fill the space of the mould cavity, resulting in air pockets and other consequences. Generally, the parting surface of the air cooler mould, such as the gap between the ejector pin and the ejector sleeve on the mould core, can provide a natural exhaust place. For general low-speed injection, the effect of poor exhaust is not obvious.

3. Improve product structure

Moulded products The shape of plastic products is formed by laminating all the modules in the air cooler mould in contact with plastic. The shapes of general plastic products can be divided into one of the following three situations or their combination: general practical shapes; Artistic shape; Engineering (functional) shape. Customers of plastic products are not necessarily familiar with the complicated situation of air cooler mould manufacturing and moulding process. Some simple requirements in product design may cause difficulties in mould manufacturing and moulding. Usually, minor changes in product structure will greatly simplify the mould or improve the moulding condition.

The above is the key technical analysis of the air cooler mould manufacturing process introduced for everyone.