Crate Mould Production Method


The production of molds is not simple, but also has a w […]

The production of molds is not simple, but also has a wide range of uses. crate mould , spare parts box molds, etc. are widely used in factory production workshops, warehousing, logistics, and other fields. They are durable and favored by various industries.

In industrial production, various molds and tools are used for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or forging forming, smelting, stamping, and other methods to obtain the required products. At this stage, they have been widely used in blanking, die forging, cold heading, and extrusion. Pressing, powder metallurgy parts pressing, pressure casting, and engineering plastics, rubber, ceramics, and other products of compression molding or injection molding processing. As a precision tool, the mold has high requirements for the design of complex shapes, the expansion force of the blank, and the structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness, and processing accuracy. Therefore, the development level of mold production has become mechanical manufacturing. One of the important signs of the level.

A mold is a tool used to make molded articles. Different molds are composed of different parts. Under the action of external force, the blank is formed into a specific shape and size. Crate mold and trash can mould have very different uses.