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How to Guarantee the Processing Color of Table Mould


Table Mould has high technical requirements for colour. […]

Table Mould has high technical requirements for colour. The colour of the table mould should be controlled reasonably during processing. No mixed colour and wrong colour can occur. How can table mould manufacturers control the color of table mould processing? Here are some tips for reasonable control of table mould processing colour.

1. To reduce the influence of cartridge temperature on colour difference, it is often encountered in production that a certain heating ring is damaged or fails, or the heating control is out of control, and the cartridge temperature changes drastically and then colour difference occurs.

2. To eliminate the influence of the injection moulding machine and table mould elements, it is necessary to select an injection moulding machine with the appropriate capacity for injection moulding main products. If the injection moulding machine has questions such as dead corners of materials, it is best to replace the equipment. Regarding the colour difference formed in the pouring system and exhaust groove of the table mould, it can be handled through the repaired mould of some corresponding moulds. It is necessary to deal with the problems of injection moulding machines and moulds before organizing production, so as to reduce the complexity of the problems.

3. Eliminating the influence of material resin and colour masterbatch and controlling raw materials are the key to thoroughly deal with the color difference. Therefore, especially in the production of light-coloured finished products, we cannot ignore the significant impact of the different thermal stability of the material resin on the colour fluctuation of the finished products. In view of the fact that most table mould manufacturers do not produce plastic masterbatch or colour masterbatch themselves. In this way, attention can be focused on production management and raw material inspection.