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How to Improve The Processing Efficiency of Household Product Mould


Generally speaking, the forming surface of Household Pr […]

Generally speaking, the forming surface of Household Product Mould is complex in shape, high in dimensional accuracy and small in surface roughness value, and there are many heat treatment requirements. The consistency and coordination of the forming surface of various related parts have strict requirements. The processing of forming surface is one of the keys and difficult points in the die process of household product mould.

Next, let's look at the main points of household product mould. The processing of various mould parts starts with the processing of the external surface and lays the foundation for the subsequent processing of the forming surface and the structural surface. In the blank design and processing of household product mould, the machining allowance on the outer surface should be made appropriate to avoid material waste and reduce subsequent machining workload. For forgings and casting blanks, necessary annealing and aging heat treatment should be carried out in the blank processing stage to reduce the internal stress of the material and prepare the metallographic structure for subsequent processing.

Die-cutting is to form customized parts with different sizes by precision machining and cutting according to predetermined shapes. The circular knife die-cutting system for die-cutting has a high precision circular knife die-cutting system. Die-cutting and slitting can be completed at one time.

What effect does the refinement of household product mould have on production and processing? It can make the compounding and high efficiency of processing equipment more attractive. High-speed milling has many advantages such as being able to process high-hardness materials, stable processing, small cutting force, small temperature rise and deformation of workpieces, etc., which make mould enterprises pay more and more attention to high-speed processing. Modern measurement technology is continuously integrated into product research and development. Under the system of reverse engineering design and manufacturing, the inseparable relationship between mould and mould parts design and manufacturing is more obvious.