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How to Improve The Success Rate of Die Test by Die Master?


When we receive a new mold to be proofed and tested, we […]

When we receive a new mold to be proofed and tested, we are always eager to get a result earlier and pray for a smooth process to avoid wasting time and causing trouble. But here we must remind two things:

First, mold designer and manufacturing technicians sometimes make mistakes. If we don't be vigilant when we try the mold, we may cause great damage due to small mistakes.

Second, the result of die test is to ensure the smooth production in the future.

If reasonable steps are not followed and proper records are made in the process of mold testing, the smooth progress of mass production cannot be guaranteed. We emphasize that if the mold is used smoothly, the profit recovery will be increased rapidly, otherwise the cost loss will be even greater than the cost of the mold itself.

Precautions before die test:

1. Understand the relevant materials of the mold

2. Check the mechanical coordination action on the workbench first

3. When it is determined that each part of the mold moves properly, it is necessary to select a suitable test mold injection machine.

4. Raise the mold temperature.

5. If the experimental planning rule is not implemented in the factory, we suggest that only one condition can be adjusted at a time when adjusting the test conditions, so as to distinguish the influence of single condition change on the finished product.

6. According to different raw materials, bake the original pots appropriately.

7. Try to use the same raw materials as possible for mold testing and mass production in the future.

8. Don't completely sample the mold. If there is any color demand, you can arrange the color test together.

9. Problems such as internal stress often affect secondary processing.

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