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Main Production Process of Dustbin Mould


Products cannot be separated from high-quality Dustbin […]

Products cannot be separated from high-quality Dustbin Mould fittings as components and connecting parts. The processing of accessories is a complicated and complicated process, which needs to be completed jointly by engineers, designers and processing workers engaged in processing. In this process, each post must complete the tasks and responsibilities it undertakes in order to complete the production of a complete set of mould accessories. Which processes are required to complete the production of dustbin mould?

1. Draw drawings to determine the output

No matter the metal or dustbin mould needs to determine the drawings and production output before production. This step is to determine which products the accessories produced in the future will be applied to or supplied to which manufacturers for assembly. As the design of the accessories will be directly mass-produced once it is input into the equipment, modification in the middle will not only waste the accessories but also delay the construction period.

2. Select equipment to determine the process

The second step is to determine the equipment and process required for accessories. The production of dustbin mould should choose different equipment and processes according to size, shape, materials and other aspects. Domestic well-known mould accessories factories are equipped with at least three or more kinds of production equipment and process flow, so as long as the accessories are not of too high precision, they can be handled by domestic manufacturers.

3. Write a program input device

When the drawings, output, equipment, and technology are determined, the specific equipment needs to be programmed. The factory has engineers who are specialized in programming to operate the equipment. After the programming is completed, the team will review and modify the program to ensure that the programmed program is correct and the dustbin mould can be produced smoothly. In addition, after the preparation of the processing program, the machine and equipment will be trial-produced, the required materials will be imported into the equipment and the machine will be processed in a series of pre-set conditions, and the model will be modified and reprocessed after the successful trial to perfect the process program. Only after the completion of this series of work will the dustbin mould be mass-produced, thus ensuring that the mould production is foolproof.