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Maintain Furniture Mould When It Is Shut Down


Nowadays, furniture products are widely used in daily l […]

Nowadays, furniture products are widely used in daily life and production, and the demand for Furniture Mould by manufacturers is also increasing. Therefore, the daily maintenance of furniture mould is very important. If we can maintain the moulds when the furniture mould are shut down, it can greatly increase the service life of the furniture mould.

When the furniture mould is shut down, the following suggestions can help you to maintain the furniture mould:

1. Check and clean the moving template and fixed template.

2. Check whether the cooling system is in good condition and ensure that no water leakage occurs.

3. Ensure the normal operation of the furniture mould oil cylinder and no oil leakage.

4. Ensure that the hot runner inside the furniture mould can work normally, which can prevent the occurrence of some accidents and the impact of some unexpected factors on the furniture mould to a great extent.

5. Ensure the furniture mould can run normally and the lubricating oil does not overflow.