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Master The Technological Requirements Of Table Mould


Precision injection moulding is a very rigorous process […]

Precision injection moulding is a very rigorous process. Precision injection moulding has very strict requirements on dimensions. Therefore, we need to master certain technological requirements during precision injection moulding to finish the Table Mould processing more accurately. Let's talk about the matters needing attention in table mould processing.

In the process of injection moulding, the quality of injection moulded products is very important for both manufacturers and users. How to improve the quality of products in the process of injection moulding?

Table Mould Temperature for Injection Moulding: Each injection moulded part has an outer surface temperature limit. If the outer surface temperature limit is exceeded, one or more adverse effects and results will occur, such as excessive temperature.

Injection moulding pressure: it directly affects the appearance of the injection moulded parts, including the smoothness of the outer surface. if it is the pressure formed by hydraulic oil, it will affect the moving speed of the resin, but if it is the pressure formed in the cavity of the table mould, it is related to the concave points and wrinkles of the outer surface.

Injection moulding speed: too fast or too slow is not good, will have adverse effects on the injection moulded parts, so should choose the appropriate speed, sometimes with the table mould temperature, injection moulding pressure for induction thinking.