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Matters Needing Attention in The Use of Crate Mould


The production of Crate Mould has high precision, great […]

The production of Crate Mould has high precision, great difficulty and long production cycle. Matching and reasonable use of crate mould are the key points that need comprehensive consideration.

1. When installing or replacing new and old moulds, be sure to avoid collision, bump, civilized assembly, and pay attention to protecting the moulds.

2. During use, the mould size, welding joint position and weld crack shall be checked regularly. In case of excessive wear, the aggregate size shall be adjusted. If excessive wear affects the product quality, a new mould shall be equipped.

3. Carefully adjust the clearance, including the spacing between the pressure head and the die core, the movement plane between the pressure head and the material truck, and the spacing between the die frame and the wire board. The relative movement shall not interfere or touch.

4. Daily mould cleaning is to use air compressor and soft tools to clear the concrete residue, and it is strictly prohibited to knock and pry the mould by gravity.

5. Replace the block building machine mould, clean, oil rust prevention, should be dry, flat pad flat, prevent gravity deformation.