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Through Continuous Testing to Judge The Quality of The Dustbin Mould


For the Dustbin Mould, the main points are asymmetry (m […]

For the Dustbin Mould, the main points are asymmetry (mold life and long-term bucket quality) and sealing performance (bubble quality), so higher processing equipment accuracy is required.

One of the key processes is quality control, which would be great if the supplier had a complete quality control system to control the accuracy of the mold parts.

Even if the above steps are well controlled, it is still necessary to test the waste bin mold. In any case, the exercise is perfect.

Check the way the bins are tested, as most people can't reach the supplier every time, so the way to confirm initially. Often, it is essential to test the mold to meet your requirements by molding the product, but this is not enough.

The best test is to simulate production, run it in your plant, and then check that all mold movements and products are good enough. As for the time, it will be different, if for a 20L trash can mold, usually the simulated production can be kept for 24 hours (may be needed). You can market the finished bucket faster with the mold.

If the project is right, small orders will be best: keep the mold in the supplier and make small orders for the product, so if there are still some minor issues, the expert team can improve it faster.

This is the last but not least because it checks the previous steps very well and the time tells you the truth, which can help you and your suppliers better.

Most importantly, you can see that a good bin mold can be easy but not easy, depending on the degree of specialization of the supplier. I hope it will help you understand the basic skills of confirming the dustbin mold.