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What Is The Important Factor of High-quality Crate Mould


The position and function of each component in the Crat […]

The position and function of each component in the Crate Mould are also different, and the performance requirements for materials are also different. Reasonable selection of crate mould materials is an important factor for the production of high-quality crate mould, improvement of efficiency and reduction of injection cost.

A detailed understanding of the working environment of the crate mould, these environmental conditions are particularly critical for the selection of plastic parts' raw materials, and it is necessary to first understand the temperature difference the plastic parts have to endure, whether the working place is indoor or outdoor, what force it is subjected to when working, what medium it is affected by, and factors such as voltage, frequency and temperature in the electrical environment. Then, according to the environmental factors that the plastic parts may encounter, find the materials that meet the environmental conditions.

The processing technology is good, and there are great differences in processing technology between different materials. As for PA and PSF of engineering plastics, PA is much better than PSF in terms of technology. Economic application. Under the condition of meeting the use requirements, economic and environment-friendly materials should be selected.

Diversity of plastic material composition; The variability of structure and shape makes it have more ideal design characteristics than other materials. Especially in its shape design, material selection and manufacturing method selection, other materials are incomparable.

Reasonable selection of crate mould before product production, selecting and designing a reasonable crate mould is a basic method to save cost. Different die design structures for crates have different requirements for product materials, and naturally, there are good and bad. A good crate mould has a high yield, less waste and lower natural production cost.

The quality and quantity of raw materials needed are different for the same products with reasonable processing technology and different production and processing technologies. According to the characteristic requirements of the products, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be saved by using the method of improving the processing technology.