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Why Is There Bending Deformation During Furniture Mould Processing


There are many kinds of situations when we process Furn […]

There are many kinds of situations when we process Furniture Mould, and the requirements are different according to different processing technologies. The situation will be different when it is produced. However, bending deformation is a common problem in furniture mould processing. Why is this so?

A series of situations may occur during the customization of furniture mould processing. In fact, one of the phenomena that we have to face is the bending deformation of furniture mould. So during the whole processing, in addition to the final requirements or installation, the processing of furniture mould and the performance of equipment should also be considered. In this case, more fluidity of furniture mould processing should be considered. Then why do some bending deformation occur during furniture mould processing?

1. Mould itself

In the process of customization of furniture mould processing, basically if such a situation occurs, it is believed that the position of the opening may be improper or the quantity may be insufficient, or the position of the top product may not be uniform.

2. Technology

More technical factors will be taken into account during customization of furniture mould processing. For example, it may be considered that the temperature of the machine pipeline is extremely high, or the injection pressure is extremely high, and there are other situations where the injection is too fast. The heat preservation time is relatively long, and the cooling time is also very short.

3. Raw materials

When all the raw materials are actually processed, they will affect the final cleanliness and lead to the deformation of the whole product.

4. Product design

When the furniture mould is customized, each product has its own design style during the design process.

Through the above content, we should consider the actual situation in the process of furniture mould processing. When bending deformation occurs, it must be adjusted first to a reasonable state for processing.