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Causes and Solutions of Bubbles in Furniture Mould


I believe that many friends have encountered the proble […]

I believe that many friends have encountered the problem of bubbles in Furniture Mould during the manufacturing process, especially as some new friends who have just entered the industry, they will be at a loss for a while. Today, let's analyze the causes and solutions of bubbles in furniture mould.

First of all, the defects in the mould design cause the furniture mould to bubble.

For example, poor gate position of furniture mould, too small gate, asymmetrical gate arrangement of multi-gate parts, small runner, unreasonable mould cooling system, too large mould temperature difference, etc. result in the discontinuous flow of melt in the mould cavity, blocking the passage of air.

Secondly, the parting surface of the mould lacks necessary vent holes or the vent holes are insufficient, blocked and in poor position, and there are no processing gaps such as inserts and thimbles to vent air, resulting in the air in the mould cavity cannot leave at the same time when plastic enters. These reasons will also cause furniture mould bubble phenomenon.

Finally, if the furniture mould surface roughness is poor and the friction resistance is large, causing local hot spots, the decomposition of the plastic passing through will also cause bubbles to appear.

Of course, in addition, to mould reasons, there will also be equipment, process, raw materials and other reasons, so in the furniture mould production and manufacturing process, each process needs to be very careful and careful, try to avoid the occurrence of bubbles in furniture mould, reduce the defective rate in the production process, so as to increase the competitiveness of injection mould manufacturers in the increasingly competitive mould industry.