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Choose A Reasonable Demoulding Method For The Dustbin Mould


Generally, it takes about one month to open a pair of D […]

Generally, it takes about one month to open a pair of Dustbin Mould, and it takes a long time to open a complicated dustbin mould. Usually, a dustbin mould needs detailed examination and approval before opening the mould. After opening the dustbin mould, the mould needs to be tested. The following items are required for the manufacture of the dustbin mould:

1. The cooling (water passage) in the dustbin mould is related to factors such as product size, shape, plasticity and holding time.

2. The roughness of the mould cavity of the dustbin shall reach the "mirror level", otherwise the product is difficult to demould, the product needs too much power and is easy to be damaged when the product is ejected, and the roughness of the positioning pin, clamping surface and other parts is regulated by standards.

3. The dustbin mould should be rigid, otherwise the mould will deform when it is kept under pressure, causing "flash" to select a reasonable exhaust position and its control amount, otherwise, the plastic will not be filled and the product will be "out of stock".

4. The injection moulding road should be reasonably selected so that the materials reach every place evenly (the flow paths are equal), and there should be enough storage space to supplement the plastic in the shrinkage process. Moreover, the shrinkage coefficient of each material is different, and the mould has a reasonable shrinkage rate.

5. The fixing method of the dustbin mould and the injection moulding machine should be reasonable, reliable and firm to prevent accidents caused by displacement when the mould is closed, and the disassembly is also very convenient. In addition, the dustbin mould should choose a reasonable demoulding method and a suitable ejector pin position and quantity to ensure that the product will not be damaged during ejection.