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The Quality Of Chair Mould Is Closely Related To Which Conditions


Molten plastic particles are moulded into injection mou […]

Molten plastic particles are moulded into injection moulded parts in the process of injection moulding, which is still relatively complicated. This requires attention to some process parameters of injection moulded parts to ensure the quality requirements of injection moulded parts. What process parameters should be paid attention to in the Chair Mould processing process?

1. Plastic part forming cycle, which includes plastic time and product cooling time. These times have a great influence on the quality of products. Before plastic parts are processed and produced, we should determine the product forming cycle by sample style and other methods.

2. The temperature of the chair mould, the crystallization temperature and speed of different plastic particles are all different, and the appearance, deformation, size and rubber mould of the products have different requirements, which makes the temperature of the chair mould different when using different plastics and product requirements.

3. Injection pressure of molten plastic. Plastic has great resistance in the process of filling the mould cavity, which makes the injection pressure directly determine the size, weight, density and appearance of the product.

4. The injection speed and the speed of the injection have an important influence on the appearance quality of the product. Generally, the injection speed needs to be realized by adjusting the amount of oil supplied to the injection cylinder per unit time.

5. Material barrel temperature and melt temperature. Melt temperature can be measured at the nozzle or by air injection method. Melt temperature plays a major role in the flow performance of melt. Plastic has no specific melting point. The so-called melting point is a temperature segment in a molten state. The temperature control of both plays an important role in the quality of products.