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Daily Maintenance Specifications for Daily Necessities Mould


The service life of Daily Necessities Mould, in additio […]

The service life of Daily Necessities Mould, in addition to the best mould design, manufacturing high-precision, high-quality heat treatment effects, and the appropriate selection of processing equipment, mould and other factors are also an important part of the use and maintenance, today will tell some maintenance knowledge you:

(1) Daily necessities mould maintenance can not be ignored, should carefully check the mould before use, remove dirt, check the mould guide sleeve and mould is well lubricated, this is to do some routine maintenance.

(2) It is necessary to periodically check the mechanical rotating disc and the mould mounting base to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower rotating discs.

(3) According to the daily necessities mould and installers, the moulds are installed on the injection moulding machine to ensure that the mould sliders are in the same direction, especially in the direction of the mould structure, to prevent mistakes and to install backwards.

(4) After installing the daily necessities mould, check that the fastening screws of the mould mounting base are locked correctly.

(5) The injection mould core and cavity strain should be stopped and polished again, otherwise the degree of wear of the mould parting surface will be rapidly expanded, the mould wear will be accelerated, and the quality of the plastic part and the life of the mould will be reduced.

(6) For daily necessities used in mass production, there should be an alternate requirement to rotate the production to production.

(7) During the mould conveying process, it should be handled gently, and should not be thrown at will, so as not to damage the core mechanism and guiding mechanism of the mould.

(9) After the daily necessities mould are used, they should not be placed indiscriminately. They should be returned to the designated position in time and refueled to prevent rust.

(10) to ensure the surface life of the daily necessities mould, the use time is too long under the mould use conditions, the main spring force must be sufficient, the mould spring may not be completely reset for a long time, the thimble is not all in the end, the protection clamp will cause the cavity Scratched.