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How to Properly Maintain The Mould of Household Product Mould


Everything has a certain life. In order to extend the s […]

Everything has a certain life. In order to extend the service life, we should know the correct maintenance method. The following are the correct maintenance methods for Household Product Mould.

First, the first periodic maintenance of the mould wear curve for household products is present in each mould. Household product mould repair is the implementation of the field of abnormal wear, and the stamping process during this period is easy to learn. It is easy to learn maintenance projects and control maintenance time when the number of machining, mould maintenance, and maintenance schedules is met.

Second, improve and maintain, extend the life of household products mould, stabilize quality, easy maintenance, etc., while improving the special maintenance of some moulds.

Third, routine maintenance refers to normal mould cleaning, inspection, and movement to oil. The usual job is to ensure that the mould of the household product is in a normal state and that an abnormality can be detected early.

Fourth, the accident situation maintenance of household products mould processing, there will be some changes, consequences that cannot be used. For example, rough edges become larger, dimensions are wrong, such as scars, and mould parts burn. The maintenance content is called an accident due to a similar abnormality in starting the mould repair. This type of maintenance is often used until the limit is reached, and if the cost of maintenance of the household product mould is more important, life is short of the mould. Because this is sudden maintenance, there must be a device stop and emergency maintenance in the plan.