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Decisive Factors Of Improving Quality Of Air Cooler Mould


The quality of Air Cooler Mould includes the following […]

The quality of Air Cooler Mould includes the following aspects:

(1) Product quality: product size stability and conformity, product surface smoothness, product material utilization rate, etc.

⑵ Service life: on the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of working cycles that the air cooler mould can complete or the number of products produced;

(3) Use and maintenance of air cooler mould: whether it is the most convenient to use, easy to demould, and the production auxiliary time is as short as possible;

(4) Maintenance cost, maintenance periodicity, etc.

Basic ways to improve quality of air cooler mould:

Mould design is the most important step to improve mould quality. Many factors need to be considered, including the selection of mould materials, the usability and safety of mould structure, the machinability of mould parts and the convenience of mould maintenance.

The manufacturing process of the mould is also an important part to ensure the quality of the mould, and the machining method and precision in the manufacturing process of the mould will also affect the service life of the mould.

The precision of each part directly affects the overall assembly of the mould. Apart from the influence of the precision of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the machining accuracy of the mould parts by improving the machining method of the parts and the technical level of the fitter in the process of grinding and matching the mould.

In order to improve the wear resistance of the die parts, the surface of the main forming parts of the die is strengthened, so as to better improve the quality of the die.

Correct use and maintenance of dies is also a major factor to improve the quality of dies.