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Do You Know The Production Steps Of Household Product Mould


The production for Household Product Mould is a very ri […]

The production for Household Product Mould is a very rigorous process. Next, we will specifically talk about the steps of production for household product mould:

1. Prepare plastic materials. The brand-new plastic raw materials purchased from outside and the recycled secondary materials are fully mixed by a mixer according to a proper proportion to prepare plastic raw materials for production.

2. Coloring the ingredients. If the household product mould needs to be colored as a whole according to the design requirements of plastic products, the colored injection-moulded parts can be obtained by adding corresponding colorants into the plastic raw materials before injection moulding and mixing them evenly and fully.

3. Drying the baking material. According to the requirements of injection moulding process, plastic raw materials should be fully dried and free of moisture, so the raw materials should be dried by a dryer before injection moulding.

4. Injection moulding. After pre-treatment of plastic raw materials, household product mould are used for processing and production in injection moulding machines. Before moulding, the mould should be tested to check the quality of the mould and adjust the appropriate process parameters.

5. Go to the water inlet. After the processing of household product mould is completed, the nozzle materials on injection moulded parts should be removed. In the process of removing the nozzle, special attention should be paid not to damage the injection moulded parts.

6. Inspection and packaging. It is necessary to check the quality of injection-moulded parts, pack and box semi-finished products of qualified products, and prepare to move to the next process.