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Discussion on How to Effectively Improve The Quality of Furniture Mould


In order to produce qualified Furniture Mould, we must […]

In order to produce qualified Furniture Mould, we must ensure the quality of furniture mould. What measures can be taken to improve the quality of furniture mould?

A set of complete furniture mould production management system is established to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management and schedule management in the production management process of furniture mould, including the formulation of furniture mould production plan, mould design, process formulation, workshop task assignment and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., so that furniture mould manufacturing and related auxiliary information can realize all-round tracking management from plan formulation to completion and delivery.

The information of planning, design, processing technology, workshop production, human resources, etc. are organized and integrated to coordinate planning and production effectively, which can effectively ensure the quality of furniture mould and delivery on schedule.

Effectively manage the scrap of cutting tools by effectively controlling the issuance of work tickets in the workshop; Through accurate furniture mould structure design, efficient furniture mould parts processing, and accurate parts inspection, the additional cost caused by furniture mould design changes and maintenance will be effectively reduced, thus obtaining the actual cost of each set of furniture mould and effectively controlling the quality of furniture mould.