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How to Ensure The Safety of Daily Necessities Mould Processing


In the Daily Necessities Mould processing, even minor p […]

In the Daily Necessities Mould processing, even minor problems will affect the safety of the operator. Only by analyzing the problems of each operation of daily necessities mould processing, can the safety precautions in daily necessities mould processing be ensured.

First, all kinds of parts used in daily necessities mould processing should have sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent damage and deformation during use. Fastening parts should have anti-loosening measures to avoid accidental injury to operators.

Second, the phenomenon of scrap or workpiece missiles is not allowed to occur in the processing process, which affects the operator's attention and even injures the operator. In addition, it is necessary to avoid cutting hands due to burrs of punched pieces. The operator is not allowed to have too large an action range when performing punching operation, so as to avoid losing the stable posture of the body; Too many and too accurate actions are not allowed during homework. Strong noise and vibration during stamping shall be avoided as far as possible.

Third, the daily necessities mould design should indicate the daily necessities mould weight on the general drawing to facilitate installation and ensure safety. Lifting and handling measures shall be taken for processing parts over 20kg to reduce labor intensity.

Fourth, the structure should try to ensure the convenience of feeding, fixing, discharging and cleaning waste materials. For the processing of small parts, it is strictly prohibited for the operator's fingers, wrists or other parts of the body to extend into the mould area for operation; For the processing of large parts, if the operator must enter the mould manually, the range of entering the mould should be reduced as much as possible, the time that a certain part of the body stays in the mould should be shortened as much as possible, the range of dangerous areas for daily necessities mould processing should be defined, and necessary protective measures and devices should be equipped.