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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price of Table Mould


The manufacture of Table Mould shows the characteristic […]

The manufacture of Table Mould shows the characteristics of non-repetitive production and has the characteristics of new product development. Its manufacturing cost is affected by many factors such as internal equipment configuration, personnel structure, management level and so on. The actual price of table mould is also related to social supply and demand, product grade, manufacturing cost, and other factors. Therefore, the table mould price estimation is difficult and has low accuracy. Seeking a scientific and reasonable calculation method has been a problem explored by domestic mould factories for many years. The following article will briefly analyze the factors that affect the price of table mould in China.

1. Manufacturing cost

Manufacturing cost is the main component of table mould price and also the main factor affecting the price. The same pair of moulds are manufactured in different injection moulding plants. Although the factors included in the price are the same, the costs are different. Such as the degree of mechanized processing, the size of manual operation cases, and the reasonable production process. Of course, the manufacturing precision of the table mould varies with different methods. With the continuous improvement of product quality, the requirements for the grade and precision of table mould are increasing day by day, forcing mould manufacturers to configure high-precision machine tools and replace manual operation with electromechanical processing, while the method of reducing manufacturing cost by replacing electromechanical processing with manual processing is gradually eliminated.

2. Production cycle

It is an important condition for the injection moulding factory to provide customers with the cycle of table mould for the new products to come out on time or even in advance. Therefore, the production cycle of the table mould has a direct relationship with the sales price of the mould. If the delivery period is relatively shortened, the mould price will be relatively increased, which is a concrete manifestation of the social benefits generated by the mould industry. In this virtuous circle, in order to make new products available in advance or on time, injection moulding plants will be forced to shorten the production cycle through various means. This will also promote the overall level of the mould industry. Therefore, shortening the production cycle and thus shortening the price fluctuation of the mould will become more and more prominent in the mould price changes and become an important part of the mould valuation.