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How to Make Crate Mould With Long Life


First of all, good Crate Mould design and structure. A […]

First of all, good Crate Mould design and structure. A qualified crate mould must have a perfect mould structure before starting the project. So we spent a lot of time analyzing mould structure and mould design, including demoulding draft angle, product surface microcosm, gate system design, exhaust problem, cooling system design, hot runner balance problem. In order to increase the cooling performance, we have a special design for the core of the mould and the water passage of the cavity. The main problem that may occur easily during the design of the mould structure is through trial and error.

Second, good mould steel. In order to improve the life of the crates and the quality of the products, we should improve the hardness of the mould steel by heat treatment.

Then, a good cooling system. Cooling system design is a very difficult task, considering the uniformity of cooling and cooling, affecting the entire mould structure, determining the exact location and size of the cooling system; and cooling at critical locations such as moving plates or inserts, side slides and sides Core; standard cooling element design and selection of cooling standard components.

Finally, good maintenance. It is also important to maintain the maintenance of the crates. After a period of use, we should check and ensure that the waterway and air circuit are unlocked. Add lubricant to the slider and clean the stripper during production. You must clean the crate mould and spray the rust inhibitor after production is stopped.