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Test The Mould After The Air Cooler Mould Is Finished


Although the Air Cooler Mould design is carried out und […]

Although the Air Cooler Mould design is carried out under the expected process conditions when selecting moulding materials and moulding equipment, people's understanding is often not perfect, so it is necessary to test the mould after the air cooler mould is finished to see how to The quality of the moulded part. After finding that this is always the case, correct the air cooler mould to eliminate the error.

Plastic parts appear in most types of undesirable phenomena for a variety of reasons, including air cooler moulds and process conditions, and the two can only be handed together.

Before repairing the air cooler mould, detailed analysis and research should be carried out according to the actual situation of the defects of the plastic parts. After finding out the cause of the defects of the plastic parts, a remedy should be proposed. Since the moulding conditions are easy to change, the general practice is to change the moulding conditions first, and the problem cannot be solved when the moulding conditions are changed. It is necessary to consider repair moulding.

Repair air cooler moulds should be more careful, not to be unscrupulous, because once the mould conditions change, regardless of the performance of the parts is good, the mould cannot be restored. Only in this way can the quality of manufacturing be guaranteed.