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How to Prolong the Life Of Trash Can Mould


This article mainly explains how to prolong the service […]

This article mainly explains how to prolong the service life of Trash Can Mould in our daily use.

The service life or times of use is an important basis for the quality of the trash can mould. If it is broken and can not be used after several times of use, then it must not be a qualified trash can mould. How can we extend the life of the trash can mould?

First, since it is a plastic product, the aging problem is an indisputable fact. Plastic trash can mould adopts hot melt injection moulding process, which may cause mould deformation or aging, and lose its original precision and strength. If we buy it back and don't use it immediately, it is recommended to store it in a cool environment.

Secondly, apart from the above natural factors, human factors are also the main reason for the damage of the trash can mould. Although the trash can mould has strong toughness, it will definitely affect it after being compressed, so attention should be paid during the processing.

Third, after the trash can mould is used, we should clean and orderly store the residue on the inner wall to ensure the next use.