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Increase The Economic Benefit Of Table Mould Production


Reasonably saving the processing cost of Table Mould ca […]

Reasonably saving the processing cost of Table Mould can increase the economic benefit of enterprise production, save the production cost of enterprise, and benefit the competition of enterprise and products in the market.

1. Reasonable selection of table mould

Before production, it is a basic method to save cost to choose a table mould with reasonable design. Different mould design structures have different requirements for product materials, which naturally have good and bad. Good dies have high yield, less waste and lower natural production cost.

2. Adopt reasonable processing technology

For the same products, different production and processing technologies are adopted, and the quality and quantity of raw materials required are different. According to the characteristic requirements of products, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be saved by improving the processing technology.

3. Adopt scientific and reasonable management

In the production process, adopt scientific and reasonable management methods. Strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in production, supply, sales and finance. The raw materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing expenses, administrative expenses, etc. in the production cost are detailed into the unit product cost, and reasonable and standardized management is strictly prohibited.