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Injection Moulding Process Of Air Cooler Mould


1. Filling stage: Filling the Air Cooler Mould is the f […]

1. Filling stage:

Filling the Air Cooler Mould is the first step in the process of producing plastic parts, and the injection time starts from the closing of the injection mould until the cavity is filled to about 95%. Under the condition of normal production of air cooler mould, the shorter the plastic filling time, the higher the moulding efficiency of the product.

2. Pressure maintaining stage

The pressure maintaining stage of air cooler mould is also the stage of continuously applying pressure. With the increasing pressure of injection moulding machine, the density of plastic gradually increases. During the pressure maintaining process of the air cooler mould, the mould cavity is slowly filled with plastic, which leads to the increasing back pressure of the air cooler mould. In the process of holding pressure, the screw of injection moulding machine moves forward slowly, and the speed of plastic is slow. The flow in this case is called holding pressure flow.

3. Cooling stage

In the moulding process of air cooler mould, the design and arrangement of cooling system is also very important. After the temperature of the air cooler die is cooled to a certain rigidity, the deformation of plastic products caused by external force can be reduced when the products are demoulded, and the appearance of the products can be ensured.

4. Demoulding stage

The demoulding stage is the latter link in the moulding of an air cooler mould. Demoulding has a very important influence on products. Improper demoulding may lead to uneven stress on the surface of products during demoulding and deformation of products during ejection. There are two common demoulding methods: stripper plate demoulding and ejector pin demoulding. When designing the air cooler mould, we should choose the appropriate demoulding method according to the structural characteristics of the product to ensure the product quality.