Mold information


Mold information

  • Dec.042020

    What Factors Need to Be Considered in The Manufacture of Mould?

    There are many moulds, including household appliances mould and many more. The requirements of mold design and production are: accurate size, smooth surface; reasonable structure, high production effi...

  • Dec.122020

    What Are The Precautions for Mould Design and Manufacturing?

    There are many types of molds, including household product mould, table mould, air cooler mould, etc. So what should be paid attention to when designing and manufacturing molds? ⑴The shape of the plas...

  • Dec.182020

    Process Performance of Mould Manufacturing

    Moulds include chair mould, dustbin mould, etc. The manufacture of moulds generally involves several processes such as forging, cutting and heat treatment. In order to ensure the quality of mold manuf...

  • Dec.262020

    What Is A Household Product Mould

    Household products are a very broad term. Household electrical tools, kitchen tools, and some daily utensils can be collectively referred to as household products. Before household products are made, ...

  • Jan.092021

    Table Mould And Type

    From the current point of view, there are a lot of choices for tables with different shapes and appearances, cute, grand, solemn, and all kinds of things. But with so many tables, some are mass-produc...