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Principles to Follow in Drawing Table Mould


1. Principle of unity: the drawing of Table Mould must […]

1. Principle of unity: the drawing of Table Mould must conform to national, industry and company standards, and its drawing process and specifications must be unified so as not to affect the maintenance and use of moulds at the later stage.

2. Principle of reliability: The design drawing must provide complete and reliable structure and accurate size to ensure the rapid manufacture of table mould, ensure the safety and reliability of mould production, and achieve the set production life and use efficiency.

3. Integrity principle: A complete set of injection mould drawings shall include mould assembly drawing, main part drawing, push rod position drawing, wire cutting drawing, electrode drawing, opening block diagram when ordering mould frame, etc. At the same time, dimension marking injection moulding shall be complete, accurate and beautiful, and a thoughtful mould shall be manufactured to ensure accurate and rapid mould manufacturing.

In today's modern enterprises with rapid development of injection mould, mould drawing is an essential link. Mould drawing has low cost and high accuracy, which ensures more efficient injection mould manufacturing and improves the speed and accuracy of mould manufacturing.

Table mould transfer drawing is one of the main drawing forms of the design department. The mould assembly drawing should be able to express the assembly relationship between the structural parts of the mould, the working principle of the mould, the technical requirements for producing the mould, inspection requirements, etc. The assembly drawing must be drawn at 1:1.

The table mould assembly drawing needs to have a completely accurate plastic part drawing. Sometimes, the plastic part drawing needs to be corrected appropriately. For example, if necessary demoulding inclination is added, the tolerance should be converted if there is a tolerance requirement. Generally, it is necessary to consider correcting to a shape favorable for adding glue in the future.