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Table Mould Maintenance Is More Important Than Repair


The maintenance of the Table Mould is more important th […]

The maintenance of the Table Mould is more important than the repair. The more times the table mould is repaired, the shorter the life is. The better the table mould is maintained, the longer the service life will be. The daily maintenance of the general mould is a variety of moving parts such as thimbles, rows, guide columns, guide sleeves, mould surface cleaning, water transport, etc., which is maintained every day when the table mould is produced. Also, need to do regular maintenance: in addition to daily maintenance, the venting tank cleaning, damage, wear parts correction.

For appearance maintenance: paint on the outside of the mould base to avoid rust. When the lower mould is used, the fixed mould should be coated with anti-rust oil. When the table mould is stored, it should be closed tightly to prevent dust from entering the cavity. After the table mould is used, the cavity is cleaned in the core, and no debris can be left to avoid damaging the surface of the table mould. Spray rust inhibitor.

The cooling water in the table mould cooling system cannot be left, so be sure to clean it so that the mould does not rust and block the waterway. The mechanical standard parts of the mould should be coated with lubricating oil. For example, the table moulds such as the guide post-thimble-reset rod-lower guidepost are clamped with a dust cloth to prevent dust from entering the table mould and causing the mould to rust. Before the mould is out of the cloud, it must be fitted with a locking die, which is sturdy and rust-proof.