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Why Is The Air Cooler Mould Sometimes Underfilled


The missing parts of air cooler products are usually ca […]

The missing parts of air cooler products are usually caused by the mould cavity of the air cooler not being filled. Due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of plastic, the phenomenon that the cavity starts to cool and solidify before it is filled with plastic is called insufficient filling. This is a common phenomenon of injection moulded products and its causes may be various.

1. Insufficient capacity or injection quantity of injection moulding machine is a common cause of insufficient mould filling. Appropriate injection moulding machine shall be selected according to product weight and material.

2. Low injection pressure and material temperature will cause the viscosity of plastic to increase and reduce the fluidity of plastic. This phenomenon can raise the temperature of the cylinder or Air Cooler Mould
and increase the injection pressure.

3. Slow injection speed will cause the cooling time of plastic in the air cooler mould to increase and lose fast fluidity, which will result in the insufficient filling of the air cooler mould. The injection speed can be appropriately increased so that the plastic can fully enter the cavity before cooling.

4. If the runner orifice is too small, the pressure drop will also increase and the fluidity of plastic will deteriorate. Just increase the size of the runner and gate.

5. The exhaust of air cooler mould is not good. Due to the pressure of the air remaining in the air cooler mould, the plastic cannot be completely filled. To solve this phenomenon, two aspects need to be carried out simultaneously, one is to open an exhaust slot, the other is to appropriately reduce the injection speed to provide sufficient time for exhaust.