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The Common Sense of Maintenance of Daily Necessities Mould Accessories


If you want to know that Daily Necessities Mould access […]

If you want to know that Daily Necessities Mould accessories work under high-intensity, high-temperature and high-pressure environments, then its work intensity is relatively large. In order to avoid the loss of accessories caused by this work intensity, you need to pay attention to the maintenance knowledge of daily necessities mould accessories in daily use:

1. Regular cleaning

Because in the long-term and high-load working environment, even if it is the daily necessities of good quality, some iron filings and powder which play friction and blocking role will inevitably fall onto the mould fittings. At this time, it should be cleaned and scrubbed regularly, then it should be wiped clean with a clean cloth, and then it should go to a professional store to buy matching lubricating oil. After each cleaning, it should be oiled.

2. Regular inspection

During the daily use of daily necessities mould, attention should be paid to regular and comprehensive inspection. The tightness of screws and the consumption of lubricating oil for each fitting should be paid attention to at all times. If the inspection is not in place, problems with the daily necessities mould will directly affect the accuracy and density of manufactured fittings, thus affecting the normal use.

3. Timely maintenance

When checking and finding problems with daily necessities mould, replace and repair them in time without delay. If air leakage is caused due to untimely maintenance and replacement, accuracy will be caused. If breakage or deformation is found, repair and replace them in time and purchase accessories of the same model, so as to ensure the same specifications of manufactured grinding tools.

In the process of daily use, only by paying attention to the maintenance and maintenance of daily necessities mould can we ensure that the daily necessities mould can be used better. We hope that the daily maintenance personnel can raise their awareness of daily maintenance when they are put into use. When you buy, you must go to a professional production plant to purchase and select the most practical daily necessities mould, so that each purchaser can buy the most practical daily necessities mould.