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The Maintenance of Daily Necessities Mould Directly Affects The Life of The Mould


Developing a Daily Necessities Mould is not a simple ta […]

Developing a Daily Necessities Mould is not a simple task. In addition to paying a lot of processing costs, we also spend a lot of time communicating, so protecting the mould is particularly important. The maintenance of daily necessities mould directly affects the service life of the mould. Because the mould occupies a large share of the production cost of the injection moulding enterprise, the longer the service life of the mould, the more beneficial it is for the enterprise to reduce the injection moulding cost.

In order to ensure the optimal state of daily necessities mould, make it practical and economical in production, and reduce production costs as much as possible, daily maintenance personnel must work steadily and carefully. The importance of protecting and maintaining daily necessities mould. If we do not pay attention to the maintenance of the mould, the quality of the mould will decline in advance.

Daily necessities mould may have various quality problems, such as rust, reduced surface finish, etc. If the quality of the mould is reduced, the quality of the injection moulded product will be reduced, the reject rate will be increased, and even a qualified product cannot be produced. At that time, a lot of money will be invested in the replacement of new moulds from scratch, which will cause great waste.

When maintaining daily necessities mould, parts must be inspected against drawings. Even if there are no special instructions, check when entering the warehouse. You must not modify the dimensions of the mould parts that do not comply with the drawings or add gaskets or gaskets. After the production order is completed, you must refer to the supply of production parts for mould repair. And production records. And the final product; if major problems are found during mould maintenance, they should immediately report to their supervisor and wait for instructions.

The specific requirements for the maintenance of daily necessities mould are: when replacing mould parts, confirm that the quality of the parts to be replaced is acceptable; when disassembling and installing parts, tap and decelerate; when installing mould inserts, ensure the quality of the mould. Identify qualified mating gaps to prevent parts from warping, scratching, concave, scumming, defects, rusting, etc. If there are replacement parts, please communicate with the mould design department in time to confirm. When disassembling the daily necessities mould, pay attention to the drawing balance of each part. If parts need to be replaced, they must be replaced in time.