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What Will Happen If The Number of Furniture Mould Tests Is Too Large


1. The Furniture Mould was not fully reviewed by the co […]

1. The Furniture Mould was not fully reviewed by the collective when it was designed early, and the injection moulding structure of the furniture mould was unreasonable, which made the furniture mould undergo many improvements after the mould test, making the injection moulding cost of the furniture mould exceed the budget.

If it can be fixed after several improvements, it is lucky. There are many cases that are not satisfactory. Even if furniture moulds have to be scrapped and rebuilt, the cost cannot be controlled. There are also some cases where the furniture mould is well designed, but the processing of the furniture mould is not in place, which increases the number of mould tests for no reason and directly increases the cost of the furniture mould. There is no objection to this problem, so many furniture mould manufacturers have increased their investment in measuring equipment.

2. No proper moulding process and injection moulding machine was selected during the mould test. Obviously, furniture mould was well done, but the injection-moulded products were not ideal. For no reason, the number of mould tests is increased, which directly increases the cost of furniture mould. This is a common problem in some small furniture mould factories.

3. The physical properties of plastics are not fully understood, and even the shrinkage rate is not accurate. This happens from time to time. Therefore, the physical properties of plastic must be made clear before designing furniture mould, so as to effectively reduce the number of mould tests.