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How To Use Low Cost To Create High Efficiency Of Household Product Mould


At present, the mould industry is highly competitive, a […]

At present, the mould industry is highly competitive, and we must consider how to use low cost to create high efficiency if we want to win business opportunities. So what factors should be considered when designing Household Product Mould?

1. The injection cost should be considered, and the product ranking mode and number of holes should be determined according to the machine size.

2. Considering the appearance of the product, determine the parting surface. The location of parting surface should be conducive to mould processing, exhaust, demoulding, etc.

3. Considering the way of nozzle, determine the shape, size, and exhaust orientation of main flow channel and branch flow channel.

4. Considering the demoulding of products, determine the ejection method and arrange the ejector pin position.

5. Considering the shrinkage and injection time of the product, determine the cooling or heating form and arrange the cooling channel.

6. Considering the mould life, determine the hardness, thickness and size of the mould material.

7. Considering the processing difficulty, determine the structural shape of split moulding parts and thread cutting.

After considering the above problems, the structure of household product mould is clear and easy to design.