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Several Key Points to Be Paid Attention to in The Production of Pipe Fittings Mould


Good structure planning of Pipe Fittings Mould is the p […]

Good structure planning of Pipe Fittings Mould is the premise of making a qualified mould. The requirements of pipe fittings mould are introduced as follows:

1. Selection of mould steel: This kind of products have high requirements on appearance, and the appearance of products requires bright luminosity. Therefore, it is important to select appropriate mould materials. Generally, 2316, M340 and other pre-hardened acid-proof steels can be selected. The functions of these two materials are super corrosion resistance, excellent polishing performance, and easy to reach the lens polishing function. After quenching, the hardness can reach more than 52, and the wear resistance is appropriately strong. They are the preferred mould steel for plastic pipe fittings.

2. Planning of mould structure: design a reasonable structure to achieve the shortest production cycle, and cut down unnecessary processing procedures to improve production power.

3. Cooling water system and gate planning: according to the structural characteristics and appearance requirements of products, reasonable gate modes are planned, including large gate, latent gate, fan gate, needle valve type, etc. Reasonable runner structure planning can make the mould temperature reach balance in the shortest time, so as to improve the accuracy and productivity of products.

4. Equipment of spare parts: wear-resistant standard parts are selected for inserts, guide posts, guide sleeves, sliders, slider sleeves and inclined top blocks, so as to improve the service life of mould.