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What Are The Key Points Of Air Cooler Mould Processing?


1. Ensure that the designed products have a good produc […]

1. Ensure that the designed products have a good production moulding process, and will not modify the finalized design because the parts are difficult to process.

2. Design preparation can be made in advance when making Air Cooler Mould, so as to prevent careless consideration from affecting the delivery date. There are many kinds of air cooler mould, so different types of mould are selected for moulding according to the material properties of parts, mould dimensional accuracy, mould surface luminosity, mould service life and different requirements.

3. The precision of the air cooler mould is high, so it is necessary to use high-precision CNC machine tools when machining the air cooler mould. In addition, strict requirements are required when choosing mould materials and moulding processes. Specifically, they are all shells used on instruments, which need all raw materials to be environmentally friendly.